A Ladies Sangeet function is a very important pre-wedding function. The sangeet ceremony is also known as ‘Gaun’ or Galliya. Bright colours are commonly worn by all of the ladies that attend.

The family usually begins the Sangeet by singing traditional songs about getting married. Traditionally 5 or 7 goriya or suhaag are sung first, then tappeh and shava (comical songs) are sung while clapping and dancing in a circle while sitting on the floor where colourful decorative sheets and cushions are laid and displayed.

The dholki (an Indian drum) and the rorah (spoon) is played while singing songs.

This custom heightens the excitement of wedding festivities. In our ancestors days the custom of sangeet used to last for ten days as people do not have time to spend due to demanding work schedules, the sangeet has reduced to a one night function nowadays.

In most of the families, the sangeet party is celebrated on an elaborate scale and is a very grand affair.

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