From a young age being constantly surrounded by the sound of traditional songs, Reena was instantly hooked! Hearing her dhadhi ji and nani ji (grand mothers) belting out deep rooted traditional songs with the sound of the Dholki (indian drum), would envoke intrigue but also a longing to be part of this great fanfare. Such was the embedded songs and beats in her head that whenever and wherever she heard it, she would drop what ever she was doing and run towards the source and join in enthusiastically.

This would eventually progress to her singing at family functions and temples at a young age of just 16. Even at this stage there was great anticipation from everyone eagerly waiting for her singing. This would then lead on to invites to weddings to perform.

She eventually found her calling, Ladies Sangeet. This art and tradition was fast starting to fade with the elder generation but with the encouragement of family, friends and traditional folk groups coupled with her genuine love and passion, she took the batton and hasn’t looked back since.

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